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Include more language options i.e. all European Languages, Eastern and Middle East etc

More lanhguage options opens up the program to more people

Whiterabbit-uk, 07.02.2014, 07:35
Idea status: under consideration


1-abc, 07.02.2014, 14:45

thank you for this idea, any suggestion is welcome.

The program already includes English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech and Slovak language packs which are the languages that are mainly interesting for us. Only Japanese and Korean are missing but then it would be definately enough.

Now I hear people say: "and what is with 300 million Russian speaking and 1.5 billion Chinese speaking persons in the world?" ... the answer is simple: we never sold anything in these countries, even with localized software. The only "success" we have then is a high amount of illegal use, which is okay for us somehow since nobody is paying anything for software in these countries, but we will not spent any additional work for such senseless localizations.

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