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Add Android (and other) versions with synchronisation

Most of us are using multiple devices nowadays: for example a work computer (Linux), smartphone and tablet (Android, iOS, Windows) and a home PC (Windows, Mac). This tool would be much more useful if you developed versions for other platforms with the ability to synchronize the password database between them.

Note: when I say synchronize, I don't mean cloud storage. I mean the ability for the different versions to communicate changes via a local network (home WiFi) or the database on a USB key or memory card.

KStock , 07.02.2014, 07:07
Idea status: under consideration


1-abc, 07.02.2014, 15:17

thank you for this idea, any suggestion is welcome.

There already is an Android version of this program available from here:

Maybe other platforms will be supported later, but at the moment this is a bit too much for our small Company.

I also agree that a cloud synchronization is not the best solution for this (see comment on Cloud storage idea) but any network/bluetooth can also become a bit complicated depending on different drivers on different platforms and so on. An easy way is already available for Windows where you can export your data to
.sqlite or *.csv which can later be imported on other systems. Maybe this is not the high end way to solve it but for the moment this is a first step which is anyway not used by many users.
KStock, 10.02.2014, 07:09
The problem with sqlite/csv is that it is one-way only. I may have added a new password on the PC, and then later added another on my phone. If I just export/import the database, one of the two will be lost.

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